Selected Research in Progress

Visual Simplicity and Product Attribute Trade-Offs

with Felipe M. Affonso and Aner Sela

Development and Validation of the Consumption Hypocrisy Scale

with Chris Janiszewski and Felipe M. Affonso


with Yvonne Huang and Aner Sela

Subjective Marginalization

with Aner Sela

Feeling of Emptiness

with Aner Sela

The "Souvenir Effect"

with Wilson Bastos and Travis Oh

Wasteful Behavior

with Xiang Wang and Chris Janiszewski

Conference Presentation

Association for Consumer Research, Atlanta, GA (October 2019)

  • Working paper session: Aesthetics

  • Ryu, Soo Yon, Kyoungmi Lee, and Sang-Hoon Kim (2019), "What Signal Can Obscure Art Send?: The Role of Processing Fluency in Signaling Social Class Through Art,"Association for Consumer Research.

Korean Marketing Association, Seoul, Korea (March 2019)

  • ICAMA Korea chapter session: Consumer behavior

  • Ryu, Soo Yon, Kyoungmi Lee, and Sang-Hoon Kim (2019), ""Art Won't Let You Down” - The Effect of Fluency in Art Consumption on Status Inference," Korean Marketing Association.