Research in Progress


What Signal Can Obscure Art Send?: The Role of Processing Fluency in Signaling Social Class Through Art

Soo Yon Ryu, Kyoungmi Lee, and Sang-Hoon Kim

  • We focus on processing fluency as a determinant in signaling social class through art. When observers experience subjective difficulty in processing art, they tend to infer displayers as member of high social class. This effect is mitigated when the observer has high art expertise, as misattribution of the source of fluency dissipates.


How Feeling of Emptiness Leads to Choice Deferral

Soo Yon Ryu and Aner Sela

  • People often report “feeling empty”, an arbitrary and conceptual state associated with multiple affective states and behaviors. Yet limited research offers empirical evidence on its behavioral consequences. This project examines how the feeling of emptiness may lead individuals to experience futurelessness and consequently engage in choice deferral.


Why Smartphone Users Underestimate Their Device Usage

Soo Yon Ryu, Yang Yang, and Camilla Song

  • When consumers use their smartphones, they tend to underestimate the number of activities they engaged in and the time elapsed during use than do consumers using desktop computers. We test multiple rival hypotheses, including UX/UI characteristics, enjoyment, and attention, to address how using different devices influence the online consumption experience.


Subjective Marginalization and Reaction to Marketing Persuasion

Soo Yon Ryu and Aner Sela

  • Consumers who feel subjectively marginalized react adversely to marketing persuasion as threat orientation is activated. However, when a persuasion agent displays weak message language power, subjectively marginalized consumers may shift their attention to the agent over the message, perceive agents as a tool for goal attainment, and become more susceptible to persuasion.

Conference Presentation

Association for Consumer Research, Atlanta, GA (October 2019)

  • Working paper session: Aesthetics

  • Ryu, Soo Yon, Kyoungmi Lee, and Sang-Hoon Kim (2019), "What Signal Can Obscure Art Send?: The Role of Processing Fluency in Signaling Social Class Through Art,"Association for Consumer Research.

Korean Marketing Association, Seoul, Korea (March 2019)

  • ICAMA Korea chapter session: Consumer behavior

  • Ryu, Soo Yon, Kyoungmi Lee, and Sang-Hoon Kim (2019), ""Art Won't Let You Down” - The Effect of Fluency in Art Consumption on Status Inference," Korean Marketing Association.