• Soo Yon Ryu

Time to Catch Up.

I sometimes spend my time on strange things, such as calculating how long it will take to catch up with major marketing journals. Here is my calculation.

Journals Considered

Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) Journal of Marketing (JM) Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (JPSP)

Approximate Number of Articles

JCR has about 2700 articles JMR has about 3300 articles JM has about 4000 articles JPSP has about 3300 articles ------------------------------------- That's a total of 13300

(Somewhat Unrealistic) Reading Rate

Weekdays plus Saturdays in a year = 313 days 5 articles per day = 1565 articles a year

Final Calculation

8.5 years to catch up with already published articles... and there will always be new ones coming up Optimal scenario: 0.5 years in undergraduate + 2 years in master's + 5 years in doctoral + 1 year as faculty

My scenario: um........................................

Suboptimal scenario: actually read articles of interest instead of wasting time calculating time required to read all

I hope that helped.

Remember, articles are being published as you read this silly post :)

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