About Me

My name is Soo Yon and I am a second-year marketing Ph.D. student at the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida.

My research interests revolve around symbolic consumption, visual signaling, social inequality, and ethical consumption. Above these specific topics of interest is a general inclination towards transformative research. 


I have a rather unorthodox background. I was born in Tunisia and raised in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Ukraine, and South Korea. My fascination with how people think and behave naturally developed as I observed people to make sense of the changing surroundings. Such fascination was reinforced when I ran my two small businesses, which narrowed down the scope of my fascination to how consumers behave and think. 


When I discovered the field of consumer behavior research, I was immediately drawn to its capacity to untangle the many questions I developed in my personal and professional life. I then set my heart on pursuing research in this field after learning of its transformative powers. 


The more concrete vision I have is to become a scholar of behavioral science. I want to expand knowledge in consumer psychology and engage in transformative research that makes the world a happier, more meaningful, and more equal place.


The more abstract vision I have, one that I feel very passionate about, is contributing to an academic society that is inclusive, not only in its composition but also in the research topics and how knowledge is shared.

About Me